Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Can anyone build a home?

Yes, many customers choose to be in control of the planning and construction of their log home. While others chose to employ a professional contractor.

What are the advantages of buying a Cozy Cabin Co. Log home package?

Cozy Cabin wants to give the consumer the flexibility to customize their home with their personal taste preferences. It is more economical to purchase materials locally than paying the additional cost of handling. Less chance of damage to materials during shipment. Door, Windows and other building accessories may be purchased at your local building supply store or flea markets and auctions or the Internet. You can make this a fun project involving the entire family. Purchasing windows, doors and others materials locally saves money

Can my home be custom designed?

Yes, Our Cozy Cabin designers can assist you with all of your changes to your blueprints.

Why have different log sizes?

Some prefer the larger size timbers. Consider the location of the building area and local climate. Check with your local city or county building officials, which may effect your decision as to size.

Are air dried better than kiln dried Logs?

Log home consumers are often confused by the merits of building with air-dried or kiln dried lumber. The debate continues throughout the log home industry. It is important that they are properly dried whether using natural air dried or artificial heat. This is a customer's preference of choice.

What about precut logs?

Logs are milled with a double tongue and groove with drip edge for a snug fit, and are graded by a certified grader before milling. Most builders prefer random length, giving them the ability to save on materials and adjust window and door placement during construction..

What are the shipping costs, and where do you ship from and how far ?

Our log home kits are shipped on flatbed trucks. Most homes will be transported on one truck, however some of the larger models may need more trucks. Shipping is calculated from several FOB points to give you, the customer, the least possible shipping cost.

Our FOB Points:

Colchester, CT -
Orlando, FL - Rocky Mount, NC

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